People these days have to argue about everything. With their perception (developed through conditioning) they are quick to support or dismiss from ideas to ideology, decisions to indecision. They love to initiate a “healthy” discussion and end up with an “unhealthy” argument.

There is a thin line between a discussion and an argument. Discussion is a two-sided communication wherein there is mutual respect and active listening of another person’s perspective. On the other hand, argument is like banging two heads as hard as rocks. In this case normally none of the participant is an active listener and conversation is only reactive.

One major issue with argument is that it completely violates internal peace of participants. The spread of Whatsapp group conversations have further fueled this problem. Generally on Whatsapp, people are so busy typing that most of the times they do not even read other participant’s submission. Things often become “personal” with a symbolic caveat “nothing personal”.

An argument in reality is nothing but clash of rigid mindsets. Every person is conditioned with various external influences which ultimately makes his mindset. The problem occurs when we hold to our mindset rigidly. The moment our mind becomes rigid, we simply stop listening and start reacting. In contrast a soft mindset is receptive as a sponge. It has dual capacity to absorb and also exude irrelevant thoughts.

Now imagine what will happen if two rigid mindsets solid as a rock start to interact. The reaction is same as clash of rocks in which either both break or get damaged. On the other hand imagine a rock striking a sponge. In all probability it will absorb the shock without much damage to either one.

The best way to ensure that an argument does not disturb your inner peace is simply not to have one. Argument does not benefit anyone and it can only leave bruises. If we encounter a discussion which is turning into argument, we should absorb the view of others. After analysis If we are still not convinced then we should very gently put across our point (like a sponge) and practice silence. Silence has solved more conflicts compared to argumentation, which only increase conflicts.

If your objective is to remain mentally peaceful, avoid unnecessary arguments at any cost. In case you are caught in a brewing argument, listen, softly put across your point, practice silence and withdraw. And most important avoid arguments on Whatsapp groups.

Om shanti.