A stock broker was sitting outside in a park near his office looking worried. His head was sulking and he looked really disheveled. Soon he became hungry and decided to visit one of his favorite food van to grab a sandwich. On reaching the van, he was greeted by the (let’s call him) chef of the van.

“Hey man whats up! Should I make a regular veg sandwich for you!”

“Yes please.” Replied the broker in sulking voice.

“Is everything all right?” Asked the chef.

“No. Market was really bad today. I lost millions.” Complained the broker

“But that’s over now. Did you inherit all this money” asked the chef

“No I earned it all up in past few years. But the mistake I made today ruined all that”

“Come on, you can earn your million again. Now have this nice sandwich. Soup is complimentary today.” offered the owner.

“Thanks, I don’t understand how can I make such a mistake” said the broker.

“Well that’s past” said the chef.

“How will I recover from loss?”

“Well that’s future. The exchange is anyways closed.” reasoned the chef.

“You just enjoy your sandwich and soup for now. On Monday start afresh as if it was your 1st day in market. And once you made your million again do not forget to pay for today’s soup.”

Just try and relate, most of our problems either belong to past or future. The reality is both past and future are illusions of mind. One gives you an identity and the other gives you an illusion of what you can be. When left idle, the mind has an habit of either sulking over past or by becoming anxious about future. It is very powerful instrument. In all probability you don’t use it, it uses you.

The way to end problems is to control your mind and eliminate its control over you. One sure shot way is to keep the mind busy is with some productive activities. The other way is to exercise control over it and slowly eliminate thought process of past and future. The second is not easy and requires tremendous amount of time. However once perfected, it opens the door to peace and real joy.

So the next time you feel sad, just analyse, is it about the current moment or is your brain playing tricks by generating fear related to past or future. In reality both don’t exist at this moment. Even this moment will not exist by the next moment. With regular practice, you will be able to control your mind and remove fear and anxiety about past and future.

You will not heal past by dwelling in it. You will not make future by dreaming about it. You will heal the past and make future by living in “now”.