The other day I was discussing with my wife on what are the reasons we face grief in our lives? We were also discussing how tools like email, facebook, BBM and whatsapp have revolutionized our lives. The question that I asked my wife besides the technical revolution that these tools have brought, have they been able to revolutionize quality of our life? We both agreed it has not. The humans have remained as disturbed and their brains as wavering as it was a century back. Infact these tools have worsened some of the issues disturbing humans in the past.

Take facebook for example, there are today many people who are addicted to it. Everyone wants to know what is happening in other people’s life e.g. where is x dining, where is y travelling to, which next luxury car z has just bought etc. The reason it brings more clutter in life is because we tend to compare ourselves with success or sorrow of others and start to relate our own lives with it. This is exactly opposite of what our ancient saints such as Buddha and scriptures have taught. Attachment or clinging to lives of people can only bring us sorrow.

Everyone meets people at various stages in life. Some of these people we really like and are there for a longer time in our life’s journey whereas some people are there only for a short while. This means in life we keep on getting separated from some people whereas we also keep on making new relationships. This is circle of life. Everything goes on fine till the time new people replace memories of old one and we keep on forgetting our past; however the moment tools like FB steps in, we are entangled forever in past and people we got separated in our journey.

Buddha taught us excess of everything  is bad. FB if used as scant tool can help us however clinging on it and checking it every 30 mins will not make ours or our friend’s life better. Letting go of our past relationships and thoughts can bring lot of peace. Living and working in present can improve our lives like nothing else.