One of the benefits of meditation is that you are able to tap your internal fountain of bliss and peace. However internal peace is like a savings account. Every session of meditation tops up the balance and every action and reaction to negativity utilizes it. We can look around and see some people around us radiate calm, happiness and peacefulness whereas there are others whose mere presence is uncomfortable. The basic difference is that the first kind of people keep on investing in their internal peace account without utilizing this balance for negative aspects. These are kind of people who stay calm and peaceful under all situations – negative or positive.

We need to understand that every time we lie, shout, scream we basically tap into our internal peace. If we tap too much from this account, it will be overdrawn and we will be in other extreme or unhappiness. All forms of unnecessary aggression such as road rage, jealousy, state of anger etc. tap this internal peace savings account.

Most of us are somewhere in between. Our internal peace account fluctuates. So when the balance is high we experience joy and happiness and when our balance is low, we experience unhappiness and feel low. So at the end choice is ours to take whether we want endless internal peace which reflects itself as true happiness for us and all around or we want to tread path of unhappiness.

The mantra of unlimited happiness is very simple – keep on investing in your internal peace by self-reflection (meditation), acts of kindness etc. and under no circumstance let negativity tap it. The more you invest, the more you experience happiness and radiate peace.